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Philosophy + Teaching Style

I view yoga as a way of life that informs all aspects of existence and strive to translate these ancient teachings in a way that is accessible to practitioners of all levels, making yoga relevant to living life in a fast-paced, demanding, technology-driven modern world.

Soulful and playful by nature, my class sessions are based on classical Hatha yoga philosophy, postures, breath-work and the principles of Ayurveda, the holistic health system of yoga. My primary role is to provide gentle guidance and focused support while allowing space for each student to explore and find their own connection to the practice. Dedicated time for meditation is integral and organic aromatherapy is used as a therapeutic tool to assist with the process of healing and transformation. The experience is one that is intuitive, fluid and dynamic- designed to empower you in evolving your practice to the next level.

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 Things That I Love

When I’m not on retreat, you can find me daydreaming while working in my garden, admiring art of all genres, practicing ritual as a form of devotion, cooking for friends and family and writing as a means of creative self expression. At the end of the day though, I am forever and always a student- curious and continually seeking new ways of expanding, evolving and experiencing this big, beautiful world that we live in.

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