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kim-wolff-shiva-temple-indiaKim Wolff | Founder + Retreat Guide

For many years, Kim enjoyed a career as an executive, educator and spokesperson in the corporate beauty business. Eventually, she found herself run down from the demands of corporate life. Feeling called to live in a more gentle, balanced and grounded fashion, Kim left behind the daily grind and founded Chrysalis Yoga Retreats in 2009. Born of her love for yoga, travel and exploration of the world’s spiritual traditions and cultures CYR is a venture that’s inspired by the desire to share these life changing experiences with others.

Traveling has always been a passion of Kim’s, beginning with her first trip to Europe. Once initiated into the world of wanderlust, her heart led her back to Paris, France, where she lived for a year. Kim’s Parisian pied-à-terre became a home base from which she was able to explore the continent by train. Curiosity and a strong sense of adventure has since taken her on journeys to Thailand, Laos, India, Mexico, Morocco, British Columbia and beyond.

Her greatest voyage by far though, has been the journey of yoga. After practicing for over two decades, Kim began her formal study of yoga and the healing arts in 2008 with Saul David Raye– a pioneering and inspiring presence in yoga’s evolution in the west. She’s also completed immersive study programs with master teachers abroad in the areas of meditation, ayurveda and traditional Thai yoga massage therapy. Kim is honored to serve as an ambassador for Yoga Gives Back, a non-profit whose mission is to mobilize the global yoga community for the purpose of empowering women and girls in India to build sustainable livelihoods and communities. Curious about Kim’s teaching style and philosophy on yoga? Read on.

Kelly Johnston | Retreat Coordinator 

A bilingual Integrative Health Counselor and Consultant, Kelly is an invaluable part of our team who assists in the planning and execution of our retreats. Kelly and Kim immediately bonded and became ‘sisters from another mister’ after meeting during yoga teacher training in 2008. In 2010, they travelled together throughout Southeast Asia while earning their certifications in Thai yoga massage therapy.

Kelly believes that health is a unique and gently fluctuating balance of everything we take in, give out, hold onto and let go of in our physical, mental, emotional, social and environmental realms. A series of consecutive life shocks in which “the worst thing that could ever happen” became “the best thing that ever happened” launched her on a marvelous and miraculous odyssey of healing and happiness- one that she continues to delight in every day.

For thirteen years, Kelly was Director of Video Production for Sony Entertainment and holds a B.A. in journalism from New York University and an M.A. in Integrative Health from California Institute of Integral Studies, as well as certificates in yoga and Thai yoga massage therapy. Kelly currently resides in  Mexico City, where she offers Thai yoga massage therapy and conducts coaching and consulting sessions from her home studio and worldwide via telephone/Skype. Learn more about Kelly’s journey of healing and happiness.

Rick Frausto | Retreat Collaborator + Artist In Residence

Rick-FraustoRick is not only our artist in residence, but is also Kim’s partner in life. Through their union, they discovered that yoga and art are highly complementary modalities that, when combined, make for a profound therapeutic experience in which the creative channels are accessed and opened and spiritual practices deepened. Rick inspires and assists students in nurturing their creative ability through imagination expanding workshops that have become a true highlight of the retreat experience.

Rick’s career as a professional artist spans 20+ years, but began long before. As a wee child, he was inspired by his grandfather, a Native American storyteller and tinkerer, who taught him that common items which most people deem disposable, are actually things of value that could be fashioned into gold. In his youth, Rick was his grandfather’s apprentice, spending days in the workshop creating whimsical works of art from recycled and repurposed materials.

Eventually, the call to create led him to become an assemblage sculptor whose works, noted for their innovative use of found objects, have been commissioned by the likes of the Smithsonian and the Algalita Marine Research Foundation. Rick’s process is all about transformation, conservation and striving to bring greater awareness to the social and environmental issues that impact our planet and her people. View selected works

tony-khalifeTony Khalife | Retreat Collaborator + Global Troubador

From the moment they met, Kim and Tony knew they were kindred spirits who were destined to be lifelong friends and collaborators. They’ve been partners in facilitating workshops, ceremonies and retreats for nearly a decade and bring a truly holistic, spiritual integration of yoga and music to uplift and heal.

Tony was born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1964. He knew at a very young age that he wanted to be a musician but the civil war broke out when he was eleven years old, marking the end of his childhood. His family was forced to leave their home to hide underground. In hiding, young Tony taught himself to play guitar using a beatles song book and by the age of 18, was named “Best Guitarist in Lebanon.” From worn torn Beirut to music school in L.A., a pilgrimage in India and performing Shakespeare on the stage at Stanford University, Tony’s journey has taken many twists and turns that contributed to the mastery of his skills as a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

Tony’s mission in life is that of raising the world’s vibration through music. He weaves a seamless flow in which the drone and ragas of Indian music and the resonance of devotional Sufi dances meet Western harmonies to flow into different pulses, melodies and expressions of all forms of music he has mastered. Learn more about Tony’s incredible journey.

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