Chrysalis Yoga Info

noun | chrys·a·lis |  \ˈkri-sə-ləs\
1. A protected stage of growth or development
2. A preparatory or transitional state of being

At Chrysalis Yoga Retreats, we’re passionate about and committed to creating transformative yoga travel journeys that nurture mind + body + spirit. We seek out the most extraordinary, off-the-beaten-path destinations where you won’t typically find yoga retreats, to provide our guests with incredibly unique and wholly unforgettable experiences. Our bespoke itineraries are meticulously designed, each retreat featuring gorgeous accommodations, healthy, delicious cuisine, picturesque scenery, enthralling excursions and plenty of time to relax, explore and rejuvenate.

With each retreat, we aim to broaden your vision of what is possible through moving the body, balancing the mind, awakening the senses and exploring countries and cultures beyond the ones we exist in on a daily basis. This approach is geared towards promoting personal growth, opening creativity, expanding consciousness and inspiring shifts in perspective that offer new ways of thinking, being and moving through the world.

Our small group sizes help to foster bonds of friendship that last a lifetime, create an intimate atmosphere that ensures each of our guests receives individual attention and returns you home feeling nourished, energized and inspired.

Our programs are designed to meet you where you’re at physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Practitioners of all levels are welcome, including those with no prior experience. We invite you to join us for the adventure of a lifetime!  

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