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Morocco / Fez Travel Info


Thanks for visiting our Fez Travel Info Page! We hope the information below answers all your questions, but should that not be the case, please feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to get you the answers you need.

Do I need a passport/visa?

All travelers will need a passport that is valid for for 90 days following your scheduled departure from Morocco. Please ensure that you have at least one blank page in your passport prior to travel. For US citizens, EU passport holders, New Zealanders, Australians and Canadians, no visa is necessary for a stay of up to 90 days. For South Africans, a (free) visa is necessary and can be obtained at the Moroccan Embassy in Pretoria. Please be advised that it’s each traveler’s responsibility to check with your Moroccan consulate for the most up-to-date passport and visa information.

Is travel insurance necessary?

Not necessary but highly recommended. We use a company called Travel Guard that provides reasonably priced insurance for trip cancellation, medical expenses, medical evacuation, lost bags, etc.

How do I get to Morocco / Fez?

The most convenient + cost-effective option from the U.S. is to fly into Mohammed V International airport in Casablanca- Morocco’s main international port of entry. From Casablanca, private or shared cars can be hired at relatively inexpensive rates to transport you to Fez (approximately 3 hours driving time). Morocco’s very safe and easy-to-navigate train system operates routes between Casablanca and Fes (4 – 4.5 hours approximately). Finally, a limited number of flights on Royal Air Maroc (Morocco’s state-run airline) can take you from Casablanca to the Fez Sais airport. For guests traveling from Europe, you can book flights through major European hubs that fly directly into Fez (e.g., EasyJet via Paris / Charles de Gaulle or RyanAir via London / Stansted), which is about a 20-minute drive to the medina. Here is a guide to airlines that operate out of the Fez Sais airport.

If you plan on flying into Casablanca and taking a car or train to Fez, you may want to consider staying overnight in Casablanca so as to create more ease in your journey. We always arrive to Fez much more refreshed and energized when taking this approach. Also, there are lots of lovely + interesting things to see along the way from Casablanca to Fez when traveling during daylight hours. Options for lodging near the Casa Voyageurs train station can be found here (some starting as low as $27 per night).

What about ground transportation?

On The Ground In Casablanca

Taxis: In Morocco, there are two kinds of taxis; the Grand taxi cars, (used mainly for transport between cities and to/from the airport), and Petit taxis that operate within city borders. Grand taxis are larger cars (usually Mercedes, and beige/cream coloured), and don’t use a meter. The Petit taxis in Casablanca are all red, very small (mostly Fiat Uno, Peugeot, etc.) and have a roof rack for luggage. Petit taxis never accept more than 3 customers. All taxis can be found at taxi stands (both official and unofficial), or can be hailed most anywhere. If you are less than three people, you will soon notice that you might not be the only customer in the same cab. If the driver finds another customer along the route heading in the same direction, he’ll usually pick him or her up too! The ride from the airport to central Casablanca will run you approximately $25 USD.

Uber also operates out of Casablanca now. From the airport to the train station/vicinity costs approximately $31 USD.

To Fez From Casablanca By Train: The first thing to know is that you cannot make reservations or purchase a train ticket outside of Morocco and/or online. You can, however, find schedules and fares on the ONCF site, the state owned Railway Company that services the Casa Voyageurs train station, which is the main railway station in Casablanca. To guarantee first class passage, once you arrive in Casablanca, go to the Casa Voyageurs train station to make your reservation and purchase your ticket to Fez (approximately $18 USD). The trains run often and it’s usually not a problem to book with little lead time. If, for some reason, you are unable to purchase a first class ticket, there should be plenty of second class seats available. The trains in Morocco are divided into compartments, in first class there are 6 people to a compartment, in second class there are 8 people per compartment. If you’re booking first class you can get an actual seat reservation, which is nice if you want a window seat since the landscape is wonderful. Otherwise it’s first come, first serve but the trains are rarely packed out so you’ll always be quite comfortable. The price difference is usually no more than $15 USD between the two classes. The ride take approximately 3.5 – 4 hours.

To Fez From Casablanca By Car: You’ll want to take a Grand taxi (as described above) which could run anywhere from $200-$300 for up to 4 passengers.

On The Ground In Fez

From The Train Station To The Medina: Take a Petite taxi for approximately $6 USD. Helpful hint- make sure they turn their meter on.

From The Airport To The Medina: Only the Grand taxis drive from the airport to the medina at a cost of approximately $17.

B&B Pick Up Service: Our B&B offers pick up at either the airport or train station. From the airport the cost is 200 dh (or approx. $20 USD). From the train station, the cost is 100 dh (or approx. $10 USD). The driver can accommodate up to 6 people. Once arrived at the medina, driver will accompany you and your luggage to our B&B.

*Note: Uber does not yet operate in Fez.

**Should you choose to make your way to the medina from the train station or airport on your own, we’ll be sure to have a guide meet you at the gate, along with a handcart, to transport your luggage and accompany you to our B&B.

Please see our FAQ for more travel tips and info!

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