Spring Has Arrived And Is In Full Bloom

While we all welcome the warmer days and soft breezes that mark the season, we can also tend to experience a feeling of heaviness and stagnation, not only in our physical bodies, but in our minds, emotions and the spaces that we occupy.

The ancient holistic health system of ayurveda defines springtime as kapha season, which is characterized by the elements of water and earth. The qualities of kapha are moist, cold, heavy, dull, soft, sticky and static. When kapha qualities are not balanced, feelings of lethargy, attachment and depression can arise, leaving us feeling as if we are stuck in the mud. It’s no wonder we experience the urge to do some serious “spring cleaning,” (both internally and externally), at this time of year.

It All Begins With A Good Ol’ Fashioned Purge

Though not always easy or pleasant, ridding ourselves of all things toxic is essential if we wish to truly thrive. This includes, but is not limited to- possessions, relationships, habits that aren’t serving us well and any form of stagnant energy that occupies our bodies, minds, hearts and homes. Here are my top 5 recommendations for detoxing yourself and your surroundings while balancing kapha to create a spacious container in which the positive attributes and energy of the season can be harnessed and used for renewal and rejuvenation.


The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up

 Start With Your Surroundings

It is said that our surroundings reflect our mindset. If our home, office or car is cluttered, our mind will feel cluttered too. The groundbreaking book, “The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up- The Japanese Art Of De-cluttering And Organizing,” by Marie Kondo, is a revolutionary approach to eliminating stuff that you really don’t need. The Kondo method is based on asking yourself one simple question as you move through the process of getting rid of things; “does it spark joy?” If the answer is no, it’s gotta go.

yoga-twist-chrysalis-yoga-blog (2)

Twist Away The Toxins

Twist Away The Toxins

In yoga, our twisting postures are the great detoxifiers. Think of it like wringing out a sponge – when you twist a wet sponge, all the water that’s held within is released. This is basically what happens with our internal organs in twisting poses. The key is to use deep yogic breathing when twisting to help move the toxins out of your body. Your therapeutic twists will also aid in digestion, elimination, reducing bloating and gas.


Kim’s Made To Order Body Oil

Love Yourself (And Your Lymphatic System Too!)

Inspired by ancient ritual traditions of self-care, I created the Energize & Invigorate Luminosity Oil to stimulate the lymphatic system and move toxins out of the body while providing hydration and nourishment for healthy skin. Pure, precious carrier oils rich in vitamins, nutrients, minerals, EFA’s and antioxidants are combined with a revitalizing fusion of powerful firming, slimming and contouring organic essential oils to reveal smoother, more toned and supple skin. Notes of bright citrus and vibrant florals awaken and enliven the senses, uplift the spirit, fight fatigue and help the mind to focus. This nutritive oil can also be used in the bath and for abhyanga (ayurvedic self-massage). $35. Made to order. To learn more and to place an order, email kimwolffyoga@gmail.com with your request.

Left Coast Apothecary Black Cumin Seed Detox Herbs

Left Coast Apothecary Black Cumin Seed Detox Herbs

Spice It Up While Slimming Down

Left Coast Apothecary’s Dandelion + Black Cumin Seed Detox Herbs are an ideal compliment to any cleansing regimen and are a must have pantry item that can be used to add flavor and substance to virtually any dish, any day of the week. This savory blend of premium herbs, seeds and spices are selected for their synergistic magic and incredible potency. I sprinkle them on everything from scrambled eggs to salads and avocado toast. Bonus benefits: improves digestion, increases energy, aids in elimination and flushing excess water weight. This potent formula is rooted in ayurveda and other ancient healing practices, is 100% plant-based and made with Organic and non-GMO ingredients.