Slow Yourself Down
Yoga + Aromatherapy Workshop

At Go Inward – Long Beach, California
Sunday, January 6th From 4-6


At Sundara Yoga Shala – Los Alamitos, California
Sunday, January 13th From 3 – 5

kim wolff yoga restorative yoga workshop go inward long beach ca. january 2019

Relax The Body, Quiet The Mind & Soothe The Spirit.

As the pace of life becomes increasingly fast and the demands on our time and energy, too much, our minds can become over stimulated, our bodies depleted, our spirits heavy.

As a result, we may experience feelings of overwhelm, fatigue, depression, lack of motivation, loss of inspiration and a disconnect with ourselves and others. Restorative yoga is an ancient antidote to the stress of modern life that helps us re-establish a sense of ease, harmony, rejuvenation and connection that brings us back into balance with ourselves and the world around us.

During this leisurely and gentle yoga session, we’ll work with a combination of restorative and yin yoga postures, revitalizing breathwork, soothing aromatherapy and hands-on healing adjustments drawn from the Thai yoga massage therapy tradition to deeply relax the body, unwind the mind and lighten + brighten the spirit. No experience is required to participate and practitioners of all levels are welcome!

Benefits Of This Workshop Include:

  • Improves sleep
  • Decreases stress
  • Increases flexibility
  • Boosts immune system
  • Promotes mental clarity
  • Enhances heart function
  • Balances mind and mood
  • Releases physical tension
  • Calms the nervous system
  • Deepens capacity for healing
  • Detoxifies the internal organs
  • Helps develop qualities of Self love and compassion

Investment in your well-being: $35. Space is very limited at both studios. Advance registration is highly recommended.

Unwind + Harmonize
Thai Yoga Massage Therapy Partner Workshop
With Kim & Gabriel Hall

At Go Inward, Long Beach, California
Saturday, January 12th From 4 – 6


Learn How To Give A Thai Yoga Massage While Also Receiving One During This Fun, Therapeutic And Informative Workshop!

Thai yoga massage therapy is an ancient and powerful form of bodywork that combines acupressure, gentle assisted stretching and passive yoga postures to open the main energy lines of the body (called Sen), so that blockages, stress, tension and imbalance can be released. The ancients considered it to be a form of metta – or loving touch – that heals, uplifts and harmonizes mind, body and spirit of giver and receiver.

In this workshop, Kim and Gabriel (both certified Thai yoga massage therapy practitioners) will provide step-by-step instructions and demonstrations on how to apply some of the key Thai massage “postures,” which you’ll practice on your partner and your partner will practice on you. You’ll also be provided with a workbook outlining each posture so that you’ll have a source of information and a place to take notes for future reference.

We invite you to come along and bring a friend, family member or significant other for a this very unique and healing experience.

Note: Thai yoga massage therapy is done on the floor atop padded mats wearing comfortable, loose clothing. No experience is required to participate and practitioners of all levels are welcome!

Benefits Of This Workshop Include:

  • Lowers stress
  • Boosts immunity
  • Raises energy
  • Uplifts the spirit
  • Releases aches and pains
  • Develops breath awareness
  • Heightens relaxation
  • Decreases depression and anxiety
  • Improves digestion and circulation
  • Enhances flexibility
  • Deepens bond with your partner
  • Experience a sense of total rejuvenation
  • Learn a new skill that can be used to uplift and heal others

$90 per couple. Space is limited to 6 couples only. Advance registration is highly recommended. *This workshop requires that you sign up with a partner at the time of registration.

Kim Wolff is the Founder of Chrysalis Yoga Retreats. She’ll be co-leading this workshop with Gabriel. To read her bio, click here.

Gabriel Hall has been a committed yogi for over 20 years. He founded Yoga World Studios, the first ever yoga studio in Long Beach, back in the 1990’s. Gabriel has trained with many of the most prominent Yoga teachers in the country, Including close study with Saul David Raye, Maty Ezraty, Erich Schiffmann, Gary Kraftsow, Ana Forrest and many more. Gabriel also has extensive knowledge of the Thai Yoga Therapy tradition and has hosted workshops, conducted retreats and worked extensively in one-on-one formats as well.

About Go Inward

Go Inward is a stylishly chic, holistic community sanctuary located in the charming Belmont Shore district of Long Beach, California. They offer an uplifting, fresh take on ancient wisdom that encourages students to use their body and mind as vessels for universal love, light and wisdom with the goal of fostering more happiness, prosperity, peace and love for self and others. Visit their website here.

About Sundara Yoga Shala

In the ancient poetic language of Sanskrit, Sundara Yoga Shala can be translated as “The School of Beautiful Union.” It’s a place where you can connect deeply to your heart, your soul and your intuition as you learn how to move authentically on your mat and throughout the world. Being a neighborhood studio, Sundara is fortunate to get to know their students on a personal level. This means that their students never feel lost in the crowd, but instead, feel like they’re practicing yoga in their friend’s living room. Visit their website here.