chrysalis yoga retreats yoga class with kim wolff

I don’t have any yoga experience. Can I still attend your retreats?

Yes, you can! Our retreats are open to all levels of practitioners, including those with no experience. We keep our group sizes small so that each attendee is guaranteed individual attention. During class sessions, Kim gives clear guidance and suggestions for modifications so that new students feel supported in their practice and the process of learning. We like to keep the lines of communication open with supportive dialogue regarding your needs and encourage students to ask questions and express any reservations or concerns they might have so that the mind can be put at ease. Additionally, we offer a range of different yoga styles and classes at each retreat. From restorative and therapeutic, to more challenging vinyasa flow style sessions. You can choose to participate in any/all of them, or only the ones you feel best suit your needs.

I have physical limitations/health conditions. Can I still participate in your retreats?

Yes- in fact, we are experienced in working with students who have injuries, health conditions and physical limitations. Our approach to yoga is based on the perspective that the practice is holistic in nature and offers therapeutic, healing potential that can be greatly beneficial to those working within the perimeters of physical limitations. We ask only that you make sure we are aware of any physical concerns that you have in advance.

I have dietary restrictions. Can meals be modified to accommodate my needs?

Almost always! Rest assured, all meals served on retreat are focused on the freshest ingredients sourced locally and in season. The vast majority of our meals are vegetarian/vegan and gluten free. When traveling abroad, it’s sometimes more challenging to serve 100% plant based, gluten free meals, but we definitely go the extra mile to try and meet your needs. If, for any reason, we cannot accommodate, we’ll be sure to notify you in advance.

I’d like to bring along a friend/family member/partner who’d rather not participate in the yoga classes- can he/she still attend the retreat?

Absolutely- our retreats are open to friends, family members, spouses or significant others who don’t necessarily want to practice yoga but would like to accompany our yogi guests and still reap the benefits of the retreat environment by enjoying the scenery, opportunities for relaxation, healthy cuisine and other activities if they so choose. Through being exposed to the retreat environment, we often find non-yogis become more open to trying a class or two and discover that they actually like it!

What if I’m traveling solo?

No problem! Sometimes, stepping outside our comfort zone and venturing out on our own is the most liberating and growth promoting thing we can do for ourselves. Other times, it can feel kind of scary. We understand that everyone has different perspectives and needs and we take great care in making everyone feel welcome, safe and secure, including our solo travelers. We’ll make sure you have all the information you need to plan your trip and arrive to your retreat destination with as much ease as possible. With regards to accommodation, we’ll either match you up with a roommate, or you can opt to reserve a private room if that’s your preference.

Am I required to participate in all classes and activities?

Nope- All classes and activities are optional and our programs are designed to meet you where you’re at physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We encourage you to participate in a way that best suits your body, mind and spirit.

* If you have additional questions that weren’t answered here, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be sure to get you the answers you need!