chrysalis yoga retreats group photo mexico city casa jacaranda

“I wanted to thank you again for such a beautiful retreat! It was such an honor to share space. I always feel so much lighter and at peace when I return from one of your retreats…even in the days and weeks following. It’s a feeling that stays with me, and I know I can call on it anytime. This is truly a gift. One that I continue to practice everyday. As my Mom has already expressed, she absolutely loved the experience and meeting you. I have not seen her so calm and at peace in a long time.”

ChristinaRitual Renewal Retreat Guest, Bowen Island, British Columbia

“All you could want in a trip! 5 stars the entire way through, down to the extra attention to detail and unique finishing touches. The passion and effort Kim put into this retreat did not go unnoticed. The restaurant choices were spot on and the activities, outings and yoga classes were all super fun and enjoyable. The style and vibe of the B&B was mesmerizing. Lots of culture and plenty of delicious food. Trip of a lifetime. 2 thumbs up!

AmandaFeed The Senses, Feed The Soul Retreat Guest, Mexico City

“Thank you for sharing your time and wisdom with us. You created a wonderful space and when I think back on the trip, I remember pure joy. It was like hitting a reset button.”

Leslie Feed The Senses, Feed The Soul Retreat Guest, Mexico City

“This was a fantastic retreat experience with so much love and energy and a week filled with Moroccan food and cooking adventures, well designed yoga and meditation practices. I was dazzled and thrilled by Morocco, made wonderful friends and came away energized and enthralled.”

Julie Feed The Senses, Feed The Soul Retreat Guest, Morocco

“This retreat with was the most powerful and meaningful experience that I have had in a very long time. I am so grateful for such an amazing opportunity. As I began to process the retreat upon my return, I felt a significant shift. I feel so clear, alive and in touch with emotions. I attribute this awakening to Kim’s wisdom, spirit, beauty and guidance. Prior to this, I was aware of the profound connection between mind, body and soul, however this retreat allowed me to truly experience it first hand. I can’t wait to further achieve growth and transformation through another retreat with Kim.”

AliInto The Mythic, Retreat Guest, Ojai, California

Your retreat was one of the most rewarding and eye opening experiences of my life. Every detail, from the clean and delicious food to the cloud like beds, was in service of the overlying tone of the weekend: relax, discover and grow. Few people can get me out of bed before 7 in the morning, but I found that on Sunday I was looking forward to the sunrise meditation and yoga classes- truly the best way to start a day! The people invited to add experiences to the weekend, through shamanic healing and music, only enhanced the positive, fun energy. Rarely do you find someone who has the ability to bring together so many compatible, like-minded people, but the group had not one person who wasn’t there to enjoy the amazing classes, scenery and conversation. I came out of the weekend with a new lease on how I live my life and having made 13 new friends. Thank you Kim, for an amazing weekend!”

CaitlinInto The Mythic Retreat Guest, Ojai, California

“What drew me to this retreat was Kim’s loving, feminine energy, which created an instant bond between us. She is caring, nurturing and and a gifted yoga teacher. Her vision of rejuvenation and deepening connection to the divine at her retreats is exactly what people are craving. It was a most wonderful experience to participate in Kim’s retreat.”

AparnaInto The Mythic Retreat Guest, Ojai, California

“The gift you shared with us this weekend is immeasurable.  Thank you for your loving spirit and awakening experience for us all.”

GregFall Retreat Guest, Lake Arrowhead, California

“Thank you so much for your guidance, love and wisdom. We both had an amazing and transformative experience.”

LauraFall Retreat Guest, Lake Arrowhead, California

“Every time I think of your Autumn Retreat in Lake Arrowhead, I am back in Spirit to a place which invited peaceful solitude and a safe space to be myself.  The Glacier Lake house felt like it was in the center of the Universe, and it created an energy vortex which was palpable, exciting and serene all at once.  Your twice daily yoga and meditation was absolutely Divine!  It fed my body and soul and uplifted my Spirit.  The sacred chants transported me on a frequency that was blissful and clearing.  Kim, you brought this through your words of wisdom and personal energy field. Thank You from my Heart.  I am still meditating every day as well as doing yoga. I have found a deeper perspective and strength to deal with the various demands of my life and the delicious, all natural food has changed the way I eat.”

KathleenFall Retreat Guest, Lake Arrowhead, California

“I had the honor of participating in Kim’s retreat in Lake Arrowhead and I still don’t think I’ve come down from it. Feeling completely blessed and inspired. From the beautiful accommodations, yoga and ceremonies performed, to the food as well the new yogi family discovered…to say it was an amazing spiritual experience in more ways than one, does not cut it. Kim has an amazing talent as a yoga instructor and a wonderful team behind her that made the retreat an experience I will always hold dear in my heart. But what was so beautiful about Kim’s retreat, is Kim’s spirit attracts similar beautiful spirits and I for one feel very privileged to have been part of this new community of people who spent a wonderful weekend together that touched all of us.”

JulieFall Retreat Guest, Lake Arrowhead, California

“Greetings Kim, Just wanted to thank you again and again for the wonderful experience of your yoga retreat. People have noticed a glow in me since I’ve returned. I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to meet you and experience your wise, loving and nurturing soul.  You have opened up a door to self discovery that I intend to keep open.”

CarolRitual Renewal Retreat Guest, Bowen Island, British Columbia

“I would like to say how much I enjoyed the Mexico City retreat. Kim did an amazing job planning our days. We truly had a wonderful cultural and culinary experience. The yoga and meditation classes were perfect for all levels and very nourishing to body and soul. Thank you, Kim, for an amazing experience. I will never forget my time in exotic Mexico City.”

LaurieFeed The Senses, Feed The Soul Retreat Guest, Mexico City

“The retreat in Fez, Morocco, was an exotic and magical experience. The call to prayer reminded me that I was far away from home. Within the walls of this ancient medieval city, we practiced yoga, ate like royalty, and were transported back to a distant time. Daily yoga led by Kim was centering and lovely. The meals were nourishing and delicious. Fez and the surrounding countryside were enchanting. I feel very grateful for this wonderful experience.”

Nancy Feed The Senses, Feed The Soul Retreat Guest, Morocco

“Thank you for a great experience. The week far outshone my expectations. I’m looking forward to your next Yoga, Cultural and Culinary Retreat!”

Christine Feed The Senses, Feed The Soul Retreat Guest, Morocco

“Dear Kim- I’m not sure my words can express the gratitude I feel in my heart for every moment that we shared together. After a retreat with you, you come home filled with joy, wonder and gratitude. You are and amazing person and teacher!!!  With love, kindness and patience you give each of your students, the tools we need in a wonderful atmosphere and space. Every pose in a yoga class, meditation, lecture, song, ritual is like a magic wand that opens our heart, heals our body and embraces our spiritual journey. You are always available for a hug and a listening ear; ready to share your knowledge, your experience, your adventures and your voice that fills our vessels. We learned how to be with ourselves, how to listen to our hearts, how to be grateful for the moment, for the food, for the nature that surrounds us, for the silence and our breath. You help us to embrace our differences, our strengths and weakness. I’m so blessed for having you in my journey, as my mentor and teacher. Thank you.”

Paloma Yoga, Peace & Quiet Retreat + Yoga, Live Music & Ritual Retreat, Central Coast Wine Country, California

Incredible experience. Soulful and nourishing.”

Neelu Yoga, Live Music + Ritual Retreat Guest, Central Coast Wine Country, California

“Words cannot begin to describe the feeling in my heart today. You have guided my soul, nourished my spirit and my body and replenished my well in ways I forgot I needed. Your love, kindness, words, movements, creativity and music have made me feel whole once again. Thank you.”

Antoinette Yoga, Live Music + Ritual Retreat Guest, Central Coast Wine Country, California

“Dearest Kim- A huge thank you for a fantastic weekend. You set an intention to create a space with a spirit of rejuvenation and renewal, and your mission was accomplished in the most wonderful way. I will always remember your retreat weekend as being one of the true highlights of my life.”

PhyllisInto The Mythic Retreat Guest, Ojai, California

“Hi Kim- I just wanted to thank you again for hosting such a life changing weekend. I walked away with new perspectives on so many things. I’m still flying high and just had to let you know how much I appreciate you!”

ColleenInto The Mythic Retreat Guest, Ojai, California

“Kim’s yoga retreat was wonderful on so many levels.  She provided such a safe and welcoming space that fostered a loving and joyous energy throughout. It was fun, nurturing, relaxing, restorative, nourishing, connecting with self and each other even though most of us didn’t know one another before. I know it touched all of us in profound and lovely ways. I was a little hesitant before going as I hadn’t done yoga in years and have some fairly serious back problems. I’m SO glad I went. It was a gift. Thank you, Kim!”

BonnieInto The Mythic Retreat Guest, Ojai, California