“Kim shares her deep knowledge of yoga as well as her compassionate spirit, creating space for each of us to find a playful, soulful, healthy connection to our own mind and body. I have yet to leave one of her classes with anything less than a profound sense of bliss and well being.”


“Kim embodies the best of all possibilities. She is both intuitive and studied, focused and free-spirited….freely sharing her knowledge and experience, love and kindness and her bright, shining energy wherever she goes.”


“I recently retired from a stressful career. Yoga with Kim Wolff has helped me transition into a new phase of life. Kim brings an inner strength, mindful balance, careful physicality, creativity and spiritual approach to yoga. Thank you Kim.”


“Hi Kim- I practiced with you last Friday and it was the most amazing experience I have had at Yoga World Studio, so far. I’ve been telling my friends that I have never been moved to tears of joy in a yoga class before. Thank You!”


“When I met Kim after moving to California from the east coast, I was immediately drawn to her energy as a teacher, as well as the principal that she imbues, that every class should have an intent . . . and that the intent of each practice is as important as the individual poses. Her calming, insightful, and humorous energy has drawn me deeper into yoga, and led me to a new found appreciation of the principals behind it.”


“Kim Wolff is an inspiring, grounded, open minded and warm hearted teacher who brings you back and gives you food for thought off the mat too. One who can have a full class and you still feel like she is teaching to you personally.”


“In my sessions with Kim, I sense the presence of one who has been living yoga for a very long time. It shows up in her deep knowledge, in the way she holds the room, in the way she guides us, chants to us, and moves us through the asana.”


“Simply put, Kim is the best yoga instructor I have had in 25 years of taking yoga. Both my body & mind have benefited greatly from practicing yoga with Kim. I love her gentle and playful spirit.”


“Kim embodies not only a yoga practice of the body, but conducts a spiritual investigation of what life is all about. Her caring and nurturing way of teaching allows the student to experience a deep sense of inner peace.” 


“Kim’s sincere belief in the practice is inspiring. Her classes nourish heart and soul as well as the body.”