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On February 1st we officially hit the mid-winter mark. The time between seasons moves us into a period of gradual emergence from the dark, fertile soil of winter into a cycle of rebirth and renewal that’s activated with the coming of spring. It’s a season in which we’re given the opportunity to reassess, course-correct and create life anew.

It’s a time for you to come into FULL BLOOM.

When we align ourselves with the energetics of the spring season and enter into it in a conscious fashion, the universe will assist in the process of helping us to blossom into the best possible versions of ourselves. I’m pleased to offer a brand new webinar/workshop designed to do just that, while also providing practical tools to support you in making the most of the season.

Join Kim for this very special event that will:

  • Put into perspective the spiritual and historical relevance, richness and depth of the Spring Equinox
  • Include an intention setting session to help with gaining clarity on where you’re at and where you want to be, activating your power to manifest the highest vision you hold for yourself and your life
  • Guide you through a meditation designed to clear stagnant energy and prepare mind, body & spirit for the onset of the new season/new rhythm
  • Give rituals and writing exercises to assist in making the most of the season
  • Offer suggestions for simple ways to honor and celebrate the equinox
  • Provide ayurvedic tips on seasonal self care + nutrition with recipes included
  • Give you access to both a recording of the webinar and a printable PDF version of the workbook

The webinar will go live on the new moon on March 17th at 9:15 AM Pacific Time. You’ll receive instructions and a link to access the webinar and workbook on Wednesday, March 14th.  Note: you can participate in this event from anywhere in the world on a day and time that’s convenient for you. All you’ll need is an internet connection to access the webinar and workbook. This program will be available through March 31st, 2018. $18 to register.


  • Access to the webinar recording for 2 full weeks
  • Printable PDF workbook that includes all webinar teachings + pages for note taking, intention setting and writing exercises as well as suggestions for rituals, ways to honor the equinox, ayurvedic seasonal self-care, nutrition tips and recipes.


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